Truman’s response to yesterday’s events

Patrick Erwin, editor

When it comes to security on campus at Truman, and some of the decisions that the administration and security team have made, The Uptown Exchange has been critical many times over the past semester, especially about the lack of consistency in implementing guidelines.

But we wanted to pass along a number of positive comments we received about how the response to yesterday’s extended barricade situation was handled.

The school was quick in sending an all-campus email to students and staff, as well as a ‘robocall’ from the CCC voice messaging systems. These communications advised people to avoid Broadway and Wilson and, if they were on campus, to leave to the west if at all possible.

And we understand that the security team, as well as several professors and President Romali, were present in the main lobby in the evening and talking to students as they came in or out of the building.

If you have a comment about yesterday’s events, in general or specific to Truman’s handling of the situation, please let us know in the comments. 


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