48th ward shooting: deja vu all over again

Patrick Erwin, editor

Unfortunately, with the beginning of classes comes a reminder that security and safety continues to be a concern for us in Uptown and surrounding areas.

Alderman Harry Osterman’s office alerted the community yesterday to a fatal shooting in the 48th Ward.

The shooting happened on Monday, January 9, and the victim was discovered at approximately 11:45 p.m. in the 5800 block between Kenmore and Sheridan, just outside of the borders of Uptown.

Though Alderman Osterman’s community alert (sent by email) did not mention the victim’s identity, the Chicago Tribune reported the same shooting and identified the victim as Aaron Price, of the 5500 block of North Winthrop Avenue.

Alderman Osterman indicated that the victim had, as the e-mail stated, “gang affiliations.” It’s unclear whether those affiliations or the conflict that led to the man’s death are related to any of the gangs in Uptown.

We know that the aldermen, particularly Alderman Cappleman, have been working with the police and other groups to craft long range solutions to the gang issues and to street violence.

This is a reminder to us that it continues – and that it’s not just an “Uptown” issue, but one that strikes the community across the board.


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