Theatre notes

By Patrick Erwin, editor in chief

We’ve all heard about the future plans to make Uptown an entertainment destination. But even in its current state, Uptown is host to many theatre groups, and several have  ongoing productions.

Profiles Theatre has “Bachelorette,” a show about four women meeting ten years after high school at a bachelorette party, and “Assisted Living,” about a fortysomething woman who still lives with her mother.

“Assisted Living” runs until March 18, while “Bachelorette” runs until March 11. For more details, check out Profiles Theatre here

And Mary-Arrchie Theater, just outside of the south end of Uptown, hosts the Uptown-themed play “Superior Donuts.” It opened Thursday and runs until March 25. For more details, check here.

Meanwhile, “The Jackie Wilson Show,” which launched Black Ensemble Theater’s season in its new Uptown home, has been extended to March 18. You can read more about the new theater, and this revival, here.


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