“The Professors” on WYCC

By Patrick Erwin, editor in chief

Did you know that City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) operates a television station? It’s WYCC, channel 20. The station is a PBS affiliate, and the studios for WYCC are at Kennedy-King College.

Among their local program offerings is a show called “The Professors.” This show features primarily CCC professors, as well as professors from other area colleges and key community figures.

The show focuses on the panel’s discussion of the topic at hand. In many episodes, a student-produced video about the topic is also featured.

Here’s one recent episode where a panel discusses President Barack Obama’s first term.

And this three-part episode from 2010 discusses the groundbreaking program “Bird of the Iron Feather.”

“Bird” was the first television show produced by and about African-Americans, and was produced in Chicago. It was described as a “black soap opera” and ran for 21 episodes in 1970.

Truman’s Communication Arts and Skills professor Max Gulias is the host of this episode of “The Professors.”


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