Chicago’s own holiday

By Patrick Erwin, editor-in-chief

Since today is the first Monday in March, all of Chicago – including Uptown – gets to celebrate a unique holiday: Casimir Pulaski Day.

The holiday is celebrated across Illinois and in parts of Wisconsin and is most prominently celebrated in Chicago, particularly in neighborhoods with large Polish populations.

Uptown’s neighbor, Lincoln Square, is one of the Chicago neighborhoods with a notable Polish community.

Pulaski was a Polish-born Revolutionary War officer who died in a Revolutionary War battle. Polish immigrants honor his memory and his service for his new country.

A number of places and things were named after Pulaski across the country (most notably Pulaski County in Illinois and Pulaski Road, which is 4000 W on the Chicago street grid).

In modern day Chicago, the holiday means most city and county offices, as well as public libraries, are closed today.

How did you celebrate your Pulaski Day holiday?


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