More changes announced for CCC

By Patrick Erwin, editor-in-chief

Earlier this week, more details were released about upcoming changes at City Colleges (CCC) as a result of the “Colleges to Careers” program.

This week’s announcement provides details about sweeping changes at Olive-Harvey College.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Olive-Harvey would shift their curriculum to specialize in logistics. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, they’ll do so with a new $42 million building on campus.

Of that $42 million, just over $10 million will be allocated from the previously announced $479 million capital fund for CCC. This follows an earlier announcement that almost half of the plan’s funds – $251 million – will be spent to rebuild Malcolm X College.

In our March print issue, CCC spokesperson Katheryn Hays indicated that details about other schools would be released at a later time.

So the question most important to Truman students – what happens here? – remains unanswered for now.


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