More on MAP funding

By Patrick Erwin, editor-in-chief

City Colleges spokesperson Nikole Muzzy shared this statement regarding today’s news about the depletion of MAP funding for the next academic year:

“City Colleges of Chicago has actively encouraged students to apply for financial aid as early as possible and has directly assisted students in completing their financial aid forms. In February, City Colleges hosted more than 40 financial aid workshops, providing hands-on assistance to more than 800 students as they filed their FAFSA forms. Additional workshops were held in March to continue the effort to encourage early FAFSA completion. City Colleges held a press conference in early March to alert students and the general public of the need to file early, and the Financial Aid Office also sent emails and leveraged social media channels to encourage students to complete the FAFSA well in advance of the deadline. Although students who haven’t applied for financial aid won’t receive MAP grants, City Colleges encourages them to still apply [for the FAFSA] as there are federal grants they can still qualify for.”


We’d like to hear from Truman students: Did you apply for MAP funds? Have you been approved or declined? Tell us about your experience. 


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