The Wright Times Denied Publication Funds

By Gayle Lilliana Blakely, editor-in-chief

BREAKING/DEVELOPING: The Wright Times Editor-in-Chief Hazel Harlston just informed us that their newspaper organization wasn’t able to make their print deadline, scheduled for today. Harlston said that it was because the City Colleges of Chicago’s district office hasn’t yet approved their print budget request, which was submitted over one month ago.

“We also were denied our first meeting breakfast, which we fund with agency money, because district wouldn’t approve the use of our own ad money,” said Harlston.

A similar message was posted on The Wright Times’ Facebook Page.

Harlston added: “We are in the process of organizing a rally against district in response to the violation of our first amendment right….”***UPDATE, Sept. 1, 2012, 6:50 p.m.:

When asked if there was a date set for the potential ralley, Editor-in-Chief Erica Harlston replied in a Facebook message: “We don’t have anything set in stone right now because all of this was sprung on us today when we weren’t able to fill our stands. We are starting the process of contacting the other CCC papers as well as other clubs and organizations at Wright who are having the same problem. We just want district to respond to our funding requests within a timely manner and grant us access to our own money.”

Continuing her lament, Harlston added, “Some of our staff members haven’t even been able to be reimbursed for money used to conduct stories, all of which is supposed to come from an agency account, which is where we store our ad money.”

UPDATE/CORRECTION: The Editor-in-Chief of The Wright Times is Erica Harlston.  “Hazel Harlston” is the name she uses on Facebook.  The Uptown Exchange regrets the error.

What do you think about City Colleges of Chicago’s funding policies? Comment below.


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