NEWS: Halloween weekend shooting puts Truman in lockdown

by Yesica P. Prado, Staff Writer and Photographer


Crime scene on campus, Friday Oct. 25.
Photo credit: Yesica P. Prado

An African-American man was shot in the leg while riding his bicycle in front of 7Eleven on 1136 W. Wilson Ave. Friday night at 7:15 p.m., according to Truman student and eyewitness Olivia Pate, resulting in a campus-wide lockdown.

“We were in our break from our class when we heard six or seven shots,” said Pate. “We saw the guy running right by 7Eleven, and he was holding his leg limping when he fell down. People picked him up and carried him up the stairs right by Harold’s Chicken to go up to that apartment.”

Police arrive at Wilson Ave., Oct. 25. Photo credit: Yesica P. Prado

Police arrive at Wilson Ave., Oct. 25.
Photo credit: Yesica P. Prado

The victim was brought down from the apartment and taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center in an ambulance minutes after the shooting.

According to Pate, who witnessed the incident from Truman’s main-building third floor while in class, the victim was a young man maybe in his teen years, 16 or 17 years old, who “wore a hoodie and Army pants.”

Chicago Police appeared at the scene of crime minutes after the shooter fled on foot while others fled in a car that abruptly turned right at the intersection of Wilson and Racine.

Approximately 11 bullet shells were found and labeled where the shooter stood next to the main entrance of Truman College. The east and west corners of campus were red taped and closed off to gather evidence, along with the 7Eleven and the Harold’s Chicken restaurant next door.

Truman College went into lockdown after Chicago Police showed and investigated the crime scene. A mass e-mail was sent out to City Colleges of Chicago students alerting that “all persons must remain in their classrooms/offices. All persons in hallways must enter and remain in a classroom or office.”

Campus security guards stood at the main entrance, only allowing students who had gone to purchase food before the incident back inside the main building.

Witnesses living close to campus feared to come outside after hearing the loud gunshots.

“I heard 10 to 11 gun shots,” said a witness, a woman living in the apartment next to campus. “I think this is one of the craziest things, that stuff like this is happening while they are also having Positive Loitering just right down the other corner.”

Positive Loitering, an Uptown event focused on stopping crime with community presence on the streets on Friday nights, was taking place at the intersection of Broadway and Wilson, when it was disturbed by the gunshots down Wilson Ave.

Positive Loiters joined Chicago Police shortly after two more police vehicles arrived at the scene. 46th Ward Alderman James Cappleman and others aided police with investigation after having witnessed the shooting.

Chicago Police continue to investigate, as the shooter and possible accessories are still on the loose.

Campus lights tapped off, Oct. 25. Photo credit: Yesica P. Prado

Wilson Ave. campus lights taped off, Oct. 25.
Photo credit: Yesica P. Prado


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