NEWS: Retro-gaming back from the dead at Truman

by James Griffin, Staff Writer


Reginald King (aka “4th Hokage”) and Corrina Bredesen (aka “kushina”) face off in arcade-game combat.
Photo credit: Yesica P. Prado

Classic arcade games bring back memories of quick-fire button mashing, happiness, defeat and a competitive drive against the person standing right next to you. “Mortal Kombat II” (MK2) is one such gamer favorite, and any experienced MK2 fan will know that Subzero is the default choice and how to set up combos. Done properly, Sub Zero is invincible, with no better feeling than freezing your opponent mid-attack and continuing with your onslaught of high/low punches and kicks.

Personal gaming consoles such as X-Box 360, X-Box One, PS3 and Nintendo Wii have pretty much destroyed the old way of playing games on an arcade machine.

But Truman’s Gamerz Club has been working on bringing an arcade game on campus. The club has decided to donate a fully functional Truman-themed machine, and the best part: It’s free to play!

Truman student and club member Kenny Vang, a computer engineer, started this process last semester and now offers the full-cabinet classic model. The arcade machine is currently located in the art room on the third floor of the main building, and its tentative launch date will be the middle of next semester (around Feb. 12), tentatively to be located in the cafeteria.


The arcade creation of Kenny Vang.
Photo credit: Yesica P. Prado

From the outside, this machine looks exactly like an old-school arcade game, with two joy sticks each with two buttons (to aid in mashing when you do not know the combination moves) and a crisply painted front. Custom art work from current Truman students decorates the cabinet sides, with references to many different video games.

Currently, MKII is installed, however this is not a one trick pony — it can play almost any game! “We can make a game, our own, and install it in the arcade … like an actual setting in the game with our story, or (we can) ask the students, ‘What games do you want to have?’” said club member Jeffery Bradford. Other games that might make it into this gaming console include “Zelda,” “Mario Kart” and “Super Mario Brothers.”

Founded in Fall 2008, Gamerz Inc. is “a video game club where we play and review video games,” according to their description on Truman’s web site. The club serves as a forum for students to exchange ideas and inform other students about new video games. Gamerz Inc. members involved in making this dream a reality include Kenny Vang, Rachel Brown, Reggie-King, Corrina Belle, Alija Mauner, Jennifer Nguyen, Jeffery Bradford and  Ashley Paterkiewicz.


Photo credit: Yesica P. Prado


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