NEWS: Literary mag available online, print issue rescheduled for Spring

by Juana Villagomez and Marina Villarreal, Staff Writers

Photo courtesy of Truman's CityBrink

Photo courtesy of Truman’s City Brink

Truman’s literary magazine, “City Brink,” was scheduled to have a release party at the Cosgrove Library on Dec. 4 to commemorate their second issue. However, the release party has been deferred until sometime in the spring semester, according to student editor Atiya Wawdiwala. The magazine can still be viewed online through the City Colleges of Chicago web site.

The release party was to feature speeches by faculty editor Joshua Thusat and student editor Atiya Wawdiwala, as well as selected readings from the magazine, including “A Letter to My Ancestors,” by student editor Rachael Carter.

“The piece is a nod to the artists who came before me and whose work inspires me, Ms. (Gwendolyn) Brooks for her writing and Gordon Parks. . . for his photography,” said Carter of her poem. Carter hopes that the audience is “able to understand the connection between myself, Gordon Parks and Gwendolyn Brooks.”

The second issue of “City Brink” has gone through some significant changes, according to Thusat and Wawdiwala. This year, the magazine “began collaborating with more classes, like the Oil Painting and Techniques class,” said Thusat. Truman students enrolled in Oil Painting Techniques and Watercolor Painting classes submitted 16 works of art for inclusion in the magazine. Eight works were selected for publication in the magazine, including the new image for the cover, “In the Rain,” by Betlihem Teshome.

When asked what prompted the change in cover image, Thusat replied, “The student editors. . .both decided that offering the space for new artists to be showcased was the best option.”

Truman’s literary magazine will continue to change and develop in future issues: “As we begin to feel more confident existing as a creative outlet and presence for the community, we hope to see the magazine submitted to competitions with the College Media Association. . . .We are also beginning discussions regarding space for a larger student media operations, which would have an area for both ‘City Brink’ and ‘Uptown Exchange,’” said Thusat.


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