NEWS: Truman students to select representative for City Colleges Board

By Joey Grant, Staff Writer

Registered students can vote for a Student Trustee to represent the school on the City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) Board of Trustees on March 24 through 27 outside of the student center and cafeteria through an online survey requiring a student ID.

According to Student Activities Director Anthony Kwiatkowski, the opportunity to elect a Truman student to the Board only happens once every seven years. Rotating yearly across the seven CCC campuses, the Student Trustee position represents the entire Chicago student body.

With an application deadline of March 14, eligible students for the position must be enrolled in at least six credit hours, with a minimum 2.5 GPA, and have no prior disciplinary actions.

The elected student will be on a seven-person board that votes on administrative decisions affecting all CCC students. According to current student trustee Timakia Hobbs of Harold Washington College, she has advocated for expanding many programs, such as childcare and Ventra, and for lower school-cafeteria costs.

She felt her biggest victory was helping find a new and affordable book program, leaving behind Beck’s brick and mortar in favor of a new online store, Akademos.

The Akedmos web site claims to save students an estimated 50 to 60% on annual purchasing and also touts a new $5,000 yearly scholarship.

Hobbs thinks the perfect person for her successor will have the simple desire to be “a part of making changes to help student life better for the next generation.”


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