Accelerated classes began this week

by Adam Tucker, Staff Writer

While most Truman students are preparing for midterms and looking ahead to spring break, others started a shortened eight-week semester on Monday.

Truman offered courses in 10 different subjects from “The World of Cinema,” to “Introductory Statistics.” These classes are condensed versions of their 16-week counterparts and are designed for experienced students who might need a few credits before a transfer, or for students with demanding home schedules, according to Truman advisors.

Students take advantage of the shortened semester times in different ways according to advisor Daniel Ortiz. Students like Nara Ibraham, who take an eight-week course a semester to get adjusted with her 16-week classes before adding to her course load.

Other students like Ulises Sosa, choose the eight-week pathway because of how condensed they are. “I like fast pace things,” Sosa said. “I feel like [classes] aren’t as boring, like I wish I took an eight-week history course.”

Due to the amount of material covered in such a short time, professors also change their instruction style to stay effective. “I love a longer class!” said Professor Dan Paz, “You can get more in-depth with the material.” Paz keeps her class engaging by splitting the extended time between lectures, labs and group activities.

None of the classes offered are developmental courses, so prospecting students should already have their study habits developed, advisors say.

Veterans of the eight-week course load share the same sentiment for those doing this for the first time. “As soon as an assignment is due, just do it!” Sosa says. “Prepare to do a lot of work, eight weeks doesn’t lessen the work,” says Paz.





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