Registration Reorganization: Changes Made to Streamline a Complicated Process

By Adam Tucker


Fiorella Guevara came to Truman as a prospective student to get her pre-nursing requisites, but she must first navigate through the complicated admissions process. Making it through orientation, COMPASS tests, meeting an adviser, choosing classes and working with Financial Aid can be an ordeal for many.

City Colleges and Truman tried to make the admission and registration process shorter and easier for Guevara and other new or returning students by introducing a new queue management system, and an updated faculty advising program August 15.

The new software—named Q-nomy, is like the queue management system used by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Students are assigned a ticket number that places them in a virtual line. Ticket holders are able to visualize their place in the queue on the numerous screens placed around the McKeon building.

When new or returning students enter the McKeon building to register for classes they first meet with a Truman staff member who enters the student into the Q-nomy system. A different employee then physically monitors the system as it guides the students and their registration documents through the different admissions offices.

Once a student finishes any of the sections they are automatically routed and placed in a queue for the next step. Waiting times for each consecutive step are determined by the amount of time waited in previous steps. Notes are constantly added to the student’s temporary file, eliminating the frustration of telling advisers about any issues with enrollment. Advisers quickly communicate with each other to ask questions or update administrators by using a private online chat room.


Lorena Acosta, managing Q-nomy and student flow.

Truman is the second City College to receive Q-nomy after Malcom X, said Truman Registrar, Mylinh Tran. District offices say they plan on expanding the system to Harold Washington College next before Q-nomy is rolled out to the remaining City Colleges.

Q-nomy also allows administrators and managers to monitor possible bottlenecks in real time. “If one department is slammed with students we are able to quickly assess and assign other employees to that section,” says Tran. “We can also see how long a student took in each section and make improvements”

Returning student and psychology major Nancy Barajas said that the changes to the admission process are a big improvement compared to previous semesters. “It was way better” says Barajas.  “You get to see the whole process and they guide you through step by step.” The whole process of registering for classes, planning financial aid and ordering books took only two hours – a step up from previous semesters, Barajas told The Uptown Exchange.

Making sure new students feel welcome is important to Truman, says The Dean of Student Services, Mary Ann Soley. “We want new students to have a red carpet, Ritz Carlton experience,” Soley said.

Students who complete orientation, pair with a faculty adviser who personally escorts them through each step of registration. Guevara was paired with Franklin Reynolds, a speech professor. “[The admissions process] was splendid, thanks to this guy here,” said Guevara, while patting Reynolds on the shoulder.

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