Unwrapping New Condom Dispenser

By Steven Misho


Illustration By: Dominique Joly

The Student and Wellness Centers put their noggins together to better figure out how to protect the students’ noodles. A new dispenser filled with male condoms is available for students wanting to ace their extracurricular anatomy exams.

The condom dispenser currently only contains male condoms. Wellness Center Coordinator Alice Viera says that the Wellness Center also has condoms for both genders and lubricant on-hand. The dispenser is a permanent fixture to the campus, according to Student Activities Director Anthony Kwiatkowski.

“It’s so convenient,” says student Sterling Burnett. “You don’t have to cringe when going to the Wellness Center and look at the lady while grabbing condoms.”

Student Activities worker Trudy Merrick notes that students are somewhat shy in claiming the condoms, with females being slightly less so.


The dispenser is located on the wall to the left of the entrance.

Some complaints about the condoms seem to show concern about their size and toughness. “I can’t use them; they are too small.” Jervon Brown said while with a group of friends. “They burst on me within five minutes.” said Allen Frierson.

Viera says that the dispenser is part of the much-larger Chicago Community Condom Project. The Project is a health-based STI prevention initiative spearheaded by the Chicago Department of Public Health.

The CCCP uses various establishments and businesses to make condoms readily available to the public. The Project has various partners, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, the National Female Condom Coalition and the U.S. Department of Human Services.

“When you are sexually experimenting and trying new things with different people, it’s important to always uses condoms,” Burnett said.

If you or someone you know is in need of condoms, check the condom dispenser left of the entrance to the Student Center or inquire at the Student Center (Room 1623), the Wellness Center (Room 1946), or the Alternative High School area.





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