NEWS: Tackling tough issues with a bowl of soup


by Rubab K. Anwar

The Student Activities Center (SAC) and Student Government Association (SGA) hosted their second “Soup and Substance” event to educate students on Feb. 14 about equity, social justice and policing, hard issues of racism, brutality and freedom for black Americans.

The event at the SAC focused on panelists Heather Dalmage, sociology professor at Roosevelt University, Susan E. Marcus, Truman Dean of Instruction with a background in social movements, and Andres Durbak, head of security who has served as a police officer for more than 30 years. Dalmage was continuously applauded for her passionate responses to questions presented by the moderator.

“Soup and Substance” offered students hot bowls of soup with crackers at the end of the event. The creator and SAC director, Tony L. Kwiatkowski, brought the idea to campus.

Kwiatkowski’s assistant, Barrington R. Green, an immigrant from Jamaica, wants the monthly event to be a “learning ground for students to articulate on issues they might not have known.” He also mentions the intention behind soup as an incentive to attract a crowd: “Students might initially come for the soup, but they’ll continue to come for the substance.”

The next “Soup and Substance” meeting, titled “He, She, They: Gender Identity,” will be held in the SAC on Thursday, Mar. 16, at 2 p.m.


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