NEWS: Hidden talent shines at showcase

Text and photos by Rubab Anwar, staff writer

Urban Art Club Dance Performance

The Student Activities Center (SAC) hosted a talent showcase in which students had the opportunity to present their talents, including belly dancing and animation, in the theatre on March 21.

SAC modeled the event after televised award shows, like the Grammy’s and the Oscars, by having the host, Jazmyn Melen, change costumes each time she appeared on stage. Melen said, “I’m hosting for fun, but you could also consider it a talent.”

However, unlike traditional talent shows with prizes and places, the Truman show aimed at applauding all talent equally. Barrington R. Green, one of the organizers, proposed the idea of having a talent show with prizes in the future: “I think further down the road we want to have a big competition.”

Melen also took part in the showcase by singing a cover of “Stay” by Rihanna and various other songs. For her, the incentive was more than a prize: “I’ve always wanted to move people with my singing.”

Romell Wilson, who performed original rap pieces, wanted other students to become more involved: “There’s so many hidden gems at this school, no one will know who you are if you’re not going to come out.” Melen added, “The more you’re involved at school, the better you’re at school.”

Amber J. Belly Dancer.jpg


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