NEWS: City Colleges administration proposes new tuition structure for upcoming terms

Students participate in the Student Government Association (SGA) informative meeting regarding the tuition structure at the Student Activities Center on Feb. 22. Photo by Erwin Lopez Rada.

By Erwin Lopez Rada, staff writer.

City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) aims to implement a new tuition structure that charges $146 per credit hour starting in the Summer 2018 term.

The new tuition structure will change the rates for students taking more than seven but fewer than 11 credit hours, while students intending to go full time for Fall 2018 will not see any difference in their tuition bills.

Dr. Shawn Jackson, Truman Interim President, said that the new tuition arrangement seeks to encourage part-time students to go full-time, so they can move on faster to the workplace or other higher-education institutions.

Although the new CCC tuition plan will not affect students with Financial Aid, the 2016-2017 Federal Student Aid Handbook states a policy that restricts federal funding for classes that are not necessary for career pursuit by students.

Golda Gibkpi-Benissan, president of the SGA, presented the CCC proposal to the student body in front of an audience composed mostly by staff and members of student clubs at the Students Activities Center on Feb.  22.

CCC Chancellor Juan Salgado will participate in a Town Hall regarding the new tuition structure and other student issues at the McKeon building next Tuesday,  March 20,  from 3 p.m. to 5 pm. 

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