NEWS: Local Businesses Gather For Annual Event

by Kyle Gibbons



The sixth annual Wilson Winter Walk was held this past friday. The event promotes local businesses and organizations.

Starting at five the Wilson Winter Walk’s main attraction is a series of pop ups within the future home of the Chicago Market, on Broadway and Wilson. Various local businesses set up stalls. The businesses sold a variety of goods, ranging from handmade soap to small batch coffee. One stall even advertised exercise programs such as kickboxing.


The building itself was all exposed concrete, with the piping along the ceiling still visible. This industrial atmosphere contrasted with the warmth of conversation humming along throughout the room.

Outside participating local businesses had live music playing, at locations such as Pokiology and The Public Barber, both along Wilson Avenue. Just east of Sheridan Road the Uptown Church offered hot chocolate to passerby.


Given the nature of the goods being sold in Chicago Market, such as sustainable and plastic free cleaning products, one could be forgiven for viewing the entire affair as hipster-ish. Any such impression would likely have been dashed towards the end of the event, when local organizations put on performances.


The biggest contrast was the first event, where Jacky Couture and Toni Valentino, of The Baton Show Lounge, put on a short drag show. Playmaker’s Laboratory Theatre and Underscore Theatre put on theatrical performances, with Underscore performing musicals. In between the two theatre groups Kuumba Lynx’s Darius presented a powerful poem addressing racism and white indifference.

The Wilson Winter Walk is an annual event put on by Business Partners, The Chamber for Uptown.


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